Ongoing Research
The Big Picture
NEES-CLT Planning Project is part of a large research and tech-transfer vision (Vision CLT2020) that focus on enabling tall CLT building construction in high seismic regions by 2020. As it was identified in the Tall CLT Workshop , this requires efforts from all interested parties including engineers, architects, researchers, building officials, manufacturers, and the public.

The following diagram below outlined a proposed roadmap for conducting needed structural engineering research to enable resilient tall CLT buildings. The current NEES-CLT Planning project effort is shown in the middle.
The research roadmap for enabling resilient tall CLT buildings
Resilient Component Prototyping and Testing
Two types of resilient lateral systems are currently under development and testing as part of the NEES-CLT Planning project:
  1. Self-Centering CLT Rocking Wall system
A series of reverse-cyclic tests on rocking wall system is currently underway at Washington State University. The numerical models for the rocking wall system are under development and calibration at Lehigh University and University of Washington. A public test is planned at WSU on April 27th, 2015 (see invitation).
Test Matrix of the CLT Rocking Wall System (Public Test Marked)
The research roadmap for enabling resilient tall CLT buildings
  1. Deformable CLT Floor Diaphragm system

Tests Completed. The test data is currently in progress and will be available at Tests Results.

In addition, an online webinar power point summarizing Planning project findings can be found at Webinar Link.