Research Publications
  1. Pei, S., J. W. van de Lindt, M. Popovski, J. W. Berman, J. D. Dolan, J. Ricles, R. Sause, H. Blomgren, and D. R. Rammer. "Cross-Laminated Timber for Seismic Regions: Progress and Challenges for Research and Implementation." Journal of Structural Engineering (2014). (Link)

  2. Dolan, J. Daniel, Vincent Bordry, Shiling Pei, and John van de Lindt. "Tall Cross Laminated Timber Building: Design and Performance Session WW300 Experimental and Modeling Studies on Wood Frame Buildings Paper ID 351." (2014). (Link)

  3. Pei, Shiling, Jeffrey Berman, Daniel Dolan, J. van de Lind, James Ricles, Richard Sause, Hans-Erik Blomgren, Marjan Popovski, and Douglas Rammer. "Progress on the development of seismic resilient Tall CLT Buildings in the Pacific Northwest." In Proceedings of the 2014 World Conference on Timber Engineering, Quebec City, Canada, pp. 10-14. 2014. (Link)

  4. More publications are currently under preparation or review, website will be updated once they get accepted/published.